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Vietnam’s first vocational training college applies European standards

Dung Quat College of Technology in the central coastal province of Quang Ngai launched high-quality vocational training courses at European standards trained by foreign experts  in 2016 to meet demand in the labour market and for international integration.

French expert guided for students

The college is one of three facilities nationwide selected by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to carry out vocational training cooperation between the Vietnamese and French governments.

In recent years, the curricula and textbooks of colleges, universities in Vietnam are heavy on theory, insufficient in application knowledge and practical skills, inadequate in training thinking methodologies and do not make their active contributions to the formulation and development of necessary abilities for people in real life. Francois Sanchez, a French expert, said to improve the quality of teaching and learning, experts conducted surveys to learn the requirements of businesses, then designed appropriate curriculum. It is important to provide students with opportunities to apply what they learn at school to reality, he said.

French experts will help the college connect with the labour market to ensure graduates find work, he said.

Jean Jacques Diverchy, a French expert, said: “I realize that in Vietnam, businesses do not participate in vocational training programs. The relationship between the vocational colleges and the enterprises is very limited, they care only about the recruitment, not training. So we held many workshops with businesses in order to find out about their needs, then we focused on training to meet their demand.

Nearly 60 students in automobile technology and electronics at the college have been employed at industrial parks in the province and central region after graduating.

Rector of the college Nguyen Hong Tay said the support of foreign experts in vocational training has helped his school forge links with businesses, generating jobs for students

In the comning time, we will find more enterprises to link training, and also find more international cooperation in vocational training.

This is high-quality vocational training courses at European standards trained by foreign experts between French and Vietnam. From this, Dung Quat College of Technology will continue to train a number of professions. We commit  to create jobs for 100% of students after graduating.

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