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Quang Ngai will create favorable conditions for the investment of Sembcorp Group

It was affirmed by Chairman of Quang Ngai Provincial People’s Committee Mr Trang Ngoc Cang in his meeting with the delegation of Sembcorp led by Mr Steven TEO.

The chairman highly appreciated the investment of Sermcorp in Quang Ngai province and affirmed that Quang Ngai Province would facilitate and support Semcorp Group to deploy the project soon.

He requested the investor to carry out a detail plan for the project development, and adding that PPC would direct relevant departments and agencies to support and create best conditions for the consultant unit in its survey to build up feasibility study report.

At the meeting, Mr. Steven TEO thanked the provincial leaders for their efforts in carrying out site clearance of Dung Quat Gas-fired Power Plant Project.

Mr. Steven TEO expected thatQuangNgai Province would continually create conditions for the Group to deploy the plant in the province.

He requested that at first the province would assist the Group to complete the Feasibility Study Report by the end of the year 2017.

If the deployment is favorable, the Semcorp Group is determined to bring the plant to use the first gas stream of the Blue Whale in 2023.

According to the national power development plan in the period of 2011-2020 and by 2030, Dung Quat Economic Zone, QuangNgai Province will be home to two gas-fired power plants with capacity of 750 MW each.

The Prime Minister approved the plant’s location at light industrial park in the western of Dung Quat Economic Zone, with a total area of 86 hectares.

Dung Quat Economic Zone Authority (DEZA) has so far completed site clearance of 25.3 out of 54 hectares onshore.

In March, 2017, Sembcorp signed a contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the development of a Dung QuatBOT project with a capacity of 750MW.

The remaining 750MW unit is scheduled to be delivered by EVN.


Leaders of Sembcorp Group said that based on the memorandum of understanding signed with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Group hired consulting unit to survey the location of the plant and collect data to make a feasibility report and report it to the competent authority by the end of 2017 as committed.

The chairman of the provincial People’s Committee agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding, which clearly demonstrates the responsibilitiesofSembcorp Group and the PPC.

Sembcorp Group’s representatives said that they wouldwork with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, EVN, the consultancy units about the plant’s location, the project development progress as well as the MoU signing with QuangNgai province.

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