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Plan of Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) improvement in 2017 and the following years.

​The Provincial People’s Committee has just issued the plan of Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) improvement in 2017 and the following years

​Accordingly, the provincial People’s Committee directed leaders of departments and localities to implement some key-focused tasks in 2017 and the following years as well as effectively implement the resolutions of the State Government and the decisions and directives of the Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee on raising the provincial competitiveness index.

Leaders of all levels, especially the districts and cities must concentrate on leading and steering drastically in order to make fundamental and clear changes in their thinking, perceptions and views; synchronously implement solutions to improve the investment, business environment and competitiveness; thoroughly understand the civil servants and officials under the spirit of attitude to serve the business; annually check performance in some agencies, units and assess the responsibility of the leaders.

PPC organizes dialogue with businesses periodically at least twice a year to meet, listen to and solve in time problems and obstacles of enterprises as well as create close and friendly between the government and enterprise; continually innovate, improve the quality of the program “Coffee entrepreneurs”.

Business Association enhances the role of bridge to capture, reflect the difficulties and problems of enterprises to the provincial leaders as well as efficiency in construction activities, criticize policies and regulations of the province.

People’s Committees of districts and cities shall take the initiative in selecting models at least once a quarter to talk with enterprises in their respective localities in order to receive and handle requests of enterprises under their respective competence.

Each department, branch and locality builds a public procedure so that enterprises can approach them conveniently, fully and promptly. In time, mechanisms and policies related to their functions and tasks shall be made public on the website.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment and people’s committees of districts and cities shall publicly disclose procedures and procedures related to land, creating the most favorable conditions for enterprises and investors to easily access land.

Information technology applications ensure that basic public services are provided at Level 3 and some at Level 4.

Implement effective operation of provincial and district public administrative offices, contributing to quick and convenient one-stop file processing for investors and enterprises.

The Department of Planning and Investment shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the concerned agencies and units in, studying and developing the index of competency assessment at the provincial, district and provincial levels in Quang Ngai Province; Provincial People’s Committee issued in 2017 to implement in 2018.

It will connect and support enterprises in the training and recruitment of laborers; provide labor for enterprises according to the guideline to meet the requirements of quantity and quality assurance; implement effective training and retraining of businessmen in the period 2016-2020; strengthen the relationship with VCCI Vietnam and VCCI Da Nang branch for advice on supporting the improvement of PCI of the province.

(According to Quang Ngai Portal)


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