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Partially sum up 2 implement years of coordination regulations between DEZA and People’s Committee of Binh Son District.

On June 12th, DEZA together  People’s Committee of Binh Son District hold a conference to partially sum up 2 implement years of coordination regulations.

Attending at the conference were representatives from Department of Home Affairs, Propaganda Department of Provincial Party Committee, Binh Son People’s Committee, People’s Committee of all Communes in Dung Quat EZ and management board of DEZA.

The conference sence.

As reported by DEZA, Dung Quat EZ is considered as a vanguard and successful zone in the country. It also makes a large contribution to the economic-social development of Quang Ngai province; gradually become the nucleus in growth, urban centers – industry – service of key economic zone in the Central and also the motivation for the industrialization and modernization of the central region and our country. At the same time, the development of Dung Quat Economic Zone has evoked potential and effectively exploited the advantages of geographical location, natural resources, land and sea ports …;  basically changed GDP structure of Quang Ngai toward increasing proportion of industry, making an important contribution to the increase of province’s budget revenues, resolving thousands of jobs for local workers, increasing per capita income, contributing to the poverty reduction in the area.

In the past years, beside achievements, the coordination still had some problems which need to be repaired. One of the basic shortcomings was the lack of cohesion in management between the direct management of economic zones with commune systems, districts and departments at provincial level; the mixture of competence and responsibility in the investment management, construction, land compensation, ground clearance, environment, labor, urban, social security, administrative territory … leads to overlapping circles, lack of clarity and consistency, thereby they reduced the effectiveness and efficiency in management.These problems became obstacles to hold the development of Dung Quat EZ back.

Through 2 implement years of coordination regulations, DEZA and Binh Son PC have achieved some remarkable results. The management of land and natural resources in the Dung Quat Economic Zone are frequently paid attention to,

two parties had the agreement on plans for dealing with the issues related to environmental pollution in a number of projects such as: Binh Nguyen Solid waste treatment areas, Dai Viet-Dung cement plant, Bio-Ethanol factory; solving and handling problems related to sanitation and environment in the locality; simultaneously, conducting dialogue, timely resolving the pressing of people toward the environmental pollution of some projects, limiting crowds, creating hot spots …

DEZA and Binh Son  PC have been properly interested in compensation, ground clearance for  projects in Dung Quat EZ. On the proposal of DEZA, Binh Son PC make the decision for land acquisition of  households and individuals; confirm the poor, agricultural land in the residential area; issue the unit price for vegetation and crops in the district which are not in the price list of the PPC regulations; solve the problems arising in the course of inventory, price pressure, and make compensation plans; approve the compensation, support to the resettlement; issue the decision on the compensation value for each compensated organization and individual households according to the approved plan; protect construction or coerce to get land acquisition for the cases who do not make decisions in certain land acquisition projects.

The investment in the construction of resettlement areas in order to serve the needs of resettlement are deployed by DEZA and Binh Son PC. The construction of resettlement areas are based on the planning approved by competent authorities and the needs as well as aspirations of each household. Binh Son PC manage and use all resettlement areas effectively; simultaneously, they collaborate with DEZA to get capital from competent authorities for public utility maintenance  and social infrastructure in these resettlement areas.

Mr. Pham Nhu So_ Vice Chairman of Quang Ngai PPC, Chairman of DEZA speaks at the conference.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Pham Nhu So, Vice Chairman of Quang Ngai PPC, Chairman of DEZA said: this conference is an opportunity for us to fully and objectively assess the implementation status, its results as well as difficulties, problems and shortcomings in the implementation of the coordination between DEZA and Binh Son PC on the matter of State management. We can also clarify the causes, find out solutions to overcome the difficulties and obstacles; coordinate to effectively solve some problems arising and overcome the shortcomings in the coming time in order to improve the efficiency of the State management and quality of coordination between the parties.

This is also an opportunity for them to discuss and unify the coordination on the implementation of compensation, ground clearance and resettlement projects in the future …

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