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The volunteer activities of the Youth Union

With the spirit of creativity, dedication and enthusiasm of youth, the movements of youth union members of Dung Quat Economic Zone and Quang Ngai Industrial Parks Authority have promoted the role of “wherever needed and difficult, young people are available”

Engaging youth in environmental protection

Determining the roles and responsibilities of youth union members in the front of environmental protection and the climate change, the Youth Union of the DEZA has been concretized by many practical and effective activities. Various environmental activities which are held annually on World Environment Day (June 5th)  in Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs are remarkable highlights.

In 2018, Youth Union  of DEZA launched the ceremony to clean Ganh Yen (Binh Hai commune, Binh Son district) with the theme “Joining hands for green and trash-free sea”. There’re more than 150 volunteers from the Youth Union and the Youth Union of Binh Hai Commune.

Ganh Yen is a famous tourist destination in Quang Ngai with its unique volcanic geological heritage, pristine coral reefs and 3D mural villages. This activity has contributed to minimizing marine pollution and tourism development as well as marine conservation later.

Nguyen Hai Truong _Secretary of DEZA’s Youth Union said: “This is a meaningful activity with enthusiastic participation of the Youth Union, demonstrating the spirit of ambition, volunteer of youth in participating in the environment protection. Through the program, raising awareness and responsibility of Ganh Yen people in protecting the marine environment ”.

Exciting in the culture, arts, gymnastics and sports movements

Every March, officials and employees of DEZA will be able to live in the lively atmosphere of the Sports Festival organized by the Youth Union. The sports festival is an exciting playground with many rich contents such as men’s football, women’s football, Men’s football over 40, Badminton and Teambuilding games. In particular, men’s football content with 12 times held has formed its own feature of the sports festival.

 Last year, DEZA’s Youth Union also participated in and achieved high achievements in many sports activities such as: The tenth Traditional Provincial Football League (participating in 2 contents: male football and women’s football), in which the Women’s football team won the Championship; The second VSIP Quang Ngai football tournament and other meaningful activities.

The performance team established by the Youth Union always maintained regular training and performed at major events of DEZA. Besides, with the trust of the Party Committee and leaders of DEZA, the Youth Union has taken on the role of organizing major events chaired by the Management Board, thereby demonstrating the role and contribution the youth force in the general career of the unit.

By T.Giang

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