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Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs – destinations for supporting industries.

Quang Ngai is striving to become a basically industrialised province by 2020. For this orientation, the supporting industries (SIs) with great advantages is identified as one of the key priority areas to be developed with emphasis on Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs.

Initial results

The supporting industry in Dung Quat Economic Zone and Quang Ngai Industrial Parks is developing in terms of number of enterprises, product values, technological level, market, etc and plays an increasingly important role in the socio-economic development of the province.

Quang Ngai Foster Electronic Company Limited is one of two successful FDI companies in the electronics industry in Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs.

Specifically, a number of SIs products are currently being produced in Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai Industrial Parks such as: mechanical engineering, structural steel products, steels, etc served for Doosan Heavy Industries Vina.

For the electronics industry, the most successful are the two foreign invested enterprises namely Foster Quang Ngai Electronic Co. Ltd and Sumida Quang Ngai Electronic Co., Ltd. These company specializes in portable headsets, radio headphones, speakers, chokes, etc.

Fabric production at Xindadong Textilex Vietnam Company.

Supporting in Textile and garment industry, leather and footwear are developing in quite diversified way; from enterprises supplying raw materials to textile enterprises, dyeing and supplying packaging, etc. Some typical companies are: Rieker Vietnam Shoes Company (Tinh Phong Industrial Zone); Enterprises in VSIP Quang Ngai Industrial Park, such as: Xindadong Textilex Vietnam Co., Ltd, KingMaker III Vietnam Co., Ltd., Properwell Vietnam Co., etc. Along with that, some projects are under construction such as processing factory, fabric production and garment Whitex Dung Quat; Dung Quat Sheng Yang Textile Factory; Zigui Jigheng Fabric Factory – Dung Quat Wangsheng …

New motivations         

Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai Industrial Parks has the strength  for developing SIs, especially for petrochemical, mechanical and metal production, electronics and textiles.

Currently, Dung Quat Oil Refinery is being upgraded and expanded, increasing capacity from 6.5 to 8.5 million tons per year (expected completion in 2021). At the same time, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc unanimously developed Dung Quat EZ into National Petrochemical and Refining Center. This is the driving force for developing petrochemical industry, especially in the fields of operation and maintenance of petroleum projects; Human resources for installation and connection of test run, operation support, maintenance; supply of materials and spare parts; To develop general depots and transshipment warehouses; liquefied storage stations, petrol services, etc.

Staff of Dung Quat refinery.

As for the supporting industries of mechanical engineering and metal production, together with Doosan Vina, Dung Quat EZ currently has several projects are under implementation such as Hoa Phat Dung Quat Iron and Steel Complex; Upgrading and expanding Dung Quat oil refinery; Dung Quat Gas Plant … This is a great opportunity for the mechanic industry and metal production.

An important point will create a strong driving force, promote the development of SIs in Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs in the coming time is investers in infrastructure such as VSIP Quang Ngai, Dung Quat Industrial Town. These projects, with clean land fund and synchronous infrastructure are ready to attract investment, especially FDI projects. Typically, the success of VSIP Quang Ngai after nearly 5 years of operation, VSIP Quang Ngai has attracted 17 projects, mainly textile, leather and footwear, foodstuff, etc.

In addition, neighboring provinces of Quang Ngai Province in the Central Key Economic Region have many economic zones, industrial parks and developing technology parks; The Central Highlands provinces are oriented to develop hi-tech agriculture. These are the markets with huge demand for SI products

Creating momentum to … take off

Quang Ngai province, as well as Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs Authority (DEZA) are implementing many solutions to attract SI projects into Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs to serve key industries.

Mr. Dam Minh Le, Vice Chairman of DEZA, said that besides the obvious comparative advantages of Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs, in order to promote the attraction of investment, Quang Ngai Province and DEZA has continuously improved the investment environment, improved the quality of both content and form, reformed administrative procedures, shortened the processing time of investment procedures. In the awareness and action of the staff  always determines “investors, businesses are ones to be served”; always accompany, actively support investors before, during and after issuing investment certificate.

The project of Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Complex is urgently implemented.

In attracting investment, pay attention to attracting large-scale enterprises; These companies not only act as bridges to attract SI investors but also created a motive force for  operating SI companies. In addition, closly collaborate with VSIP Quang Ngai, Doosan Vina Co., Ltd to attract investors in the SIs.

A practical direction to develop SI is that the province has concentrated all resources for infrastructure development. Regarding technical infrastructure, Dung Quat EZ has 120 km of transport lines completed and put into use, helping businesses to save time and cost in transportation. In addition, the province also has preferential policies to call for infrastructure investors to modernize the infrastructure system.

In terms of human resources, Decision No. 36/2016 / QD-UBND regulates the incentives, support and investment attraction of Quang Ngai province, has policies to support training costs for enterprises with short-term training and re-training of workers. In addition, the province is studying and developing a project on developing human resources for SIs.

In order to promote coordination and linkages between Quang Ngai and other localities in the central key economic region, the province is coordinating with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to set up a center for the development of SI in the Central and Central Highlands region in Quang Ngai province.

By T.Giang

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