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Connecting labours recruitment with labor market demand.

“In order to stabilize the investment environment of the province, job creation and supporting enterprises to recruit local workers is an especially important duty. Relevant departments, agencies and localities need to focus on improving the efficiency in recruitment. ” That is the direction of Mr. Tran Ngoc Cang_the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee about supporting training and recruiting workers for enterprises in the province.

In early 2019, DEZA collaborated with the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to organize 3 job transaction floors.

Building bridges for businesses and employees

In recent years, Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs has become attractive destinations of domestic and foreign investors. Thereby, contributing to promoting the economic development of the province and opening up many job opportunities for employees in the province with the high income.

According to the report of Dung Quat Economic Zone and Quang Ngai Industrial Parks Authority, in 2019, enterprises in Dung Quat Economic Zone and Quang Ngai Industrial Parks need to recruit more than 15,000 workers, with the salary from 4,5 VND million to 12 VND million / month and other levels with specific job positions. In which, more than 4,000 job positions in management, office staff, engineers, English – Chinese – Japanese interpreters, etc and more than 11,000 common laborers in leather shoes, garment and electric components. It is expected that by 2020, there will be about 10,000 laborers and the period of 2021-2025 is about 7,000 workers.

However, up to now, the number of people applying for recruitment is still small; Some specific job positions with high income have very few people registered, meanwhile, a large number of Quang Ngai workers poured into the southern provinces and cities to find jobs.

For this situation, the provincial People’s Committee directed all-level departments, departments to promote the role of connecting demand and supply between employees and enterprises. In particular, the key solution is to promote communication and propaganda to introduce employment opportunities of enterprises to employees.

Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee instructs DEZA to coordinate with the Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs to timely grasp information and develop a plan to support labor supply for businesses right from the time they prepares investment procedures. .

Local authorities must firmly grasp the information on local labor force to coordinate with the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. So that, they could support enterprises to organize propaganda, counsel and recruit local workers directly. Besides, it is necessary to regularly disseminate recruitment information in the local media and through channels to help employees find jobs easily.

Quang Ngai Radio and Television, Quang Ngai Newspaper, news agencies, newspapers have increased coverage as well as broadcasting time to introduce employment opportunities; All Web Portal is also responsible for updating information and announcing labor recruitment of enterprises.

Millennium Furniture Co., Ltd. in working hours.

Improving the quality of vocational education

The provincial People’s Committee directly assigns to the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to direct the vocational education institutions in the province that they have to continuously innovate to meet the requirements of recruitment and train workers according to the needs of enterprises; proactively linking with enterprises and investors in the province to train human resources according to enterprises’ orders.

The Department of Education and Training directs the Department of Districts, high schools in the province to actively coordinate with businesses, parents and teachers to advise and orient students basing on your strengths and abilities.

Further more, to inform for students and parents about projects that are investing in Dung Quat Economic Zone and Quang Ngai Industrial Parks, an overview of employment needs for students to know, choose and orient their careers in the future.

Taking care of employees’ life

Determining that income, working and living environment is one of the  important conditions to attract employees, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee suggested businesses need to pay attention to as well as well implement the salary policy, the insurance regimes, etc. In particular,  inaddition to the regional minimum wage, there should be other remuneration policies for employees, such as: subsidies for baby, mid-shift meals or support for housing and travel expenses etc, so that they can attract more skilled labor force working in the southern provinces.

For implementing  policies to support housing for employees and other necessary conditions, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee assigns Department of Construction, Department of Natural Resources and Environment to study housing construction policies, coordinate with DEZA to work with enterprises to conduct survey needs and implement the construction. Finding a plan to call for businesses investing building lent houses in or near EZs or IPs.

Enterprises have many policies to take care of material and spiritual employees’ life.

At the same time, the Department of Education and Training coordinate with the Provincial Women’s Union, the Department of Finance and the relevant agencies to implement the Scheme to support the facilities for private kingdergartent in the Ezs and IPs in the province as stipulated in the Project “Supporting and developing and private kingdergartent in IPs and EPZs to 2020” by the Prime Minister.

Over the last time, DEZA has actively supported enterprises in recruitment. Every year, on the basis of recruitment needs of enterprises, the DEZA issues official document to People’s Committees of districts and cities in the province, vocational training institutions, etc and publishes information on the local and central press, Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs Portal to inform students and the common labours to grasp and seek for job opportunities in a timely manner.

Besides, DEZA also coordinate with Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to organize job transaction floors, the career counseling day and job orientation, etc.

Determining that supporting enterprises to recruit workers is one of the important solutions to help businesses solve difficulties and achieve sustainable development, In the coming time DEZA will continue to implement many solutions to meet the labor demand for businesses.

By T.Giang

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