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Dung Quat Economic Zone improves investment environment.

With many outstanding advantages in terms of infrastructure as well as the preferential policies, DQ EZ has became one of golden land for attracting investment.

According to the plan, until the end of 2016, DQ EZ attracted about USD 70-100 million and created jobs for more than 3,000 new employees. The value of industrial output, trade and services reached about  VND 85,000 billion; export turnover reached USA 230 million; budget revenue in the province reached 18,000 billion; exported cargo through Dung Quat port reached 15 million tons.

Until now DEZA has implemented specific programs, issued many policies and mechanisms, gradually removed existing obstacles to create an attractive investment environment for Dung Quat to achieve those objects.
Mr. Le Van Dung_ Vice Chairman of DEZA said that improving administrative procedures is one of the powerful innovation that Dung Quat EZ has been done. In 2016, DEZA signed with Department of Planning and Investment  on the evaluation of dossiers for foreign investors investing in Dung Quat EZ.
Previously, the process from the evaluation of dossiers to the certification takes a lot of time, even a few months, but now It do not exceed 11 days from receipt of the dossier. These dramatic changes in administrative procedures reform made businesses, particularly FDI businesses comfortable to invest in Dung Quat EZ.

Besides, Dung Quat Economic Zone has been invested in infrastructure developments such as: Vo Van Kiet road project, roads connecting center of the south to north of Van Tuong urban area, Tra Bong bridge and Binh Tri Dung Quat road projects, etc.

In addition, DEZA has also completed the compensation and land clearance; supported PetroVietnam to operate the project on upgrading  and expanding Dung Quat oil refinery. We  not only support and promote to issued investment certificates for important projects but also collaborate with VSIP Quang Ngai to lunch marketing campaigns, appeal the investment projects into VSIP Quang Ngai and Dung Quat EZ.

Up to now, Dung Quat EZ has 131investment projects with the total registered capital of about USA 10.56 billion; there are 76 enterprises engaged in production and business creating jobs for 15,000 laborers.
Quang Ngai Provincial Committee has Resolution 06 which is on a number of tasks and major solutions to develop Dung Quat EZ up to 2020. It was issued  and implemented in the context of Dung Quat EZ has prospect to  have a number of large-scale projects.

Investment funds from the budget increase significantly, enterprises run their business stably, foreign companies give the investment environment in Vietnam the deep interest. All these factors  open up great opportunities for Dung Quat EZ to attract FDI inflows.

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