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The Shoaiba-4 Seawater Reverse Osmosis exported to Saudi Arabia by Doosan Vina

According to Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam Co., Ltd, the company has exported  the first of  four shipment of the Shoaiba-4 Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Desalination Project to Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

The equipment is exported to Saudi Arabia.

​SWRO Shoaiba-4 project signed between Doosan and SWCC, Saudi Arabia in 2017, It costs about USD 430 million and divided into four shipments. The first shipment weighed 566 tons and included 12 “Made in Vietnam” desalination pressure units, the piping and fittings as well as tanks to re-mineralize the desalinated water.Each SWRO desalination unit was 6.4m high, 6.4m wide and 8.3m long and the seven re-mineralization tanks were 5.6m tall, 5.6m wide and 10.60m long.The next three shipments are scheduled for: August 30th, September 30th and the final one is scheduled for December 30th.

The made-in- Vietnam desalination equipment has left the port of Doosan Vina, located in Dung Quat EZ.

Using a process known as reverse osmosis, the Shoaiba-4 desalination plant will force seawater under great pressure through membranes that allows water to pass but filters out salt and other impurities.

Once put into operation, the Shoaiba-4 plant will produce 400,000 m³ of fresh water per day.  That means 146 billion liters supplied per year, In total, the four phases of the Shoaiba desalination facility will reach 400 trillion liters per year.

By T.Giang

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