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Industrial development orientation to 2030, with a vision to 2045

​The provincial People’s Committee has just issued a plan on the orientation of industrial development policies to 2030, with a vision to 2045 in Quang Ngai province.

Promoting the establishment of Petrochemical Refinery Center in Dung Quat EZ.

​Accordingly, the province will continue to build policies to create a favorable investment and business environment for industrial development. In particular, focus on reviewing, adjusting and supplementing Decision No. 36/2016 / QD-UBND of the Provincial People’s Committee promulgating regulations on incentives, support and investment attraction of the province in the suitable period to encourage, support and select investors who have sufficient resources, capabilities and experience to implement investment projects in the locality.

In particular, paying special attention to the industrial sectors with high value-added content, priority industries, high-tech industries, green industries, supporting industries and processing industries used existing materials of the province and industries with labor intensive.

Continuing to implement the promotion program, calling for annual investment, in particular designing breakthrough support policies for the development of key industries in accordance with the province’s development priorities.

The annual Investment Promotion Program added with industries in the fields of iron and steel casting, mechanical engineering, agricultural engineering, transportation engineering, alloy products, and high technology products combined with mechatronics, automation and ancillary industries.

Besides, the province will develop policies for developing priority industries such as petrochemical and chemical refining industry with the focus on establishing the Petrochemical Refinery Center and the National Energy Center in Dung Quat EZ; in 2019 focus on completing compensation and site clearance as well as support Vietnam Oil and Gas Group to soon implement the project to upgrade and expand Dung Quat oil refinery capacity to 8.5 million tons / year.

Shifting industrial structure towards higher value added.

The industry of electricity production and distribution continue to support and coordinate investors to implement the Central Gas-Power Center project in Dung Quat EZ.

Regarding textile and footwear industry, the province continues to implement the plan of trae promotion, access to new export markets for products of the textile and garment industry – footwear. At the same time, continue to attract investment, develop projects of manufacturing equipment, raw materials, accessories and supporting industry projects for the textile and garment industry.

At the same time, formulating policies to develop industrial human resources such as building career-oriented plans, developing human resources through vocational training ensuring the quantity, quality to meet the demand of direct technical manpower of industrial market; Develop policies and support vocational education institutions in association with FDI enterprises, large-scale domestic and foreign corporations to train human resources under contracts.

By T.Giang

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