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Policy to support vocational training for businesses

The provincial People’s Council has promulgated the Resolution stipulating policies to support vocational training and employment creation in Quang Ngai province.

Regarding vocational training support, the period of support will be from August 2018 to 2020; The state budget shall support vocational training according to each level and each academic year. Specifically:

Unit of calculation: VND/school year/student

School year The level of support for vocational training at the level of training
Intermediate College
2018 – 2019 5.600.000 7.300.000
2019 – 2020 5.400.000 6.900.000
2020 – 2021 5.200.000 6.700.000
2021 – 2022 4.900.000 6.400.000
2022 – 2023 0 5.800.000

Enterprises must satisfy the following conditions: First of all, they have the need to place orders for vocational training with vocational education institutions in the province to train workers with permanent residence in Quang Ngai; secondly, Enterprises commit to use trained labor to work continuously at their enterprises through labor contracts of 12 months or more. Finally, enterprises selected and participated in the coordination with vocational education institutions in the province, the training costs which enterprises’ supported is in proportion to the training.

Workers in XinDaDong Textiles Factory (in VSIP Quang Ngai ).

Supporting enterprises to improve professional skills for laborers when recruiting laborers through vocational training, the support level is 3 million VND per laborer, the support period from 01/8/2018 to 31/12/2020. In order to be supported, enterprises must meet conditions such as: recruiting laborers who have permanent residence in Quang Ngai province through vocational training at colleges and secondary schools, arranging suitable jobs for the training level, improving professional skills for laborers; Signing a labor contract for at least 36 months; Executing and implementing the regime of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance for employees in accordance with current regulations.

Enterprises are supported only once per employee. Therefore, if the enterprise has enjoyed the policy of support for the number of laborers who are ordered for vocational training, the support for recruiting laborers through vocational training shall not be supported.

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